Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Which Poker Play Is Your Poker Play? Cash Games, Sit N' Goes, or Tournaments.

Evenin' folks. Been a while.

So, over the years I've floated around with my poker play. Never truly deciding what kind of poker player I really am. I started out playing live tournaments; so, obviously I continued that with my online play merely out of familiarity. As my experience grew; I noticed I kept doing the tournaments less for the familiar poker play and more because of the large profit margins. Though; I rarely placed either way. With an entry buy-in of $1.00 + .10 buy-in on the usual, then between 1500-2000 participants. The price was in my ball-park, but my endurance was extremely lacking. So what if first prize was over $2,000 if I couldn't even place? In hindsight, I know know I was wasting money for no good reason. I still play them, every now and again, but my focus is on more manageable game play.

Cash games, yes, they are an adventure indeed. I did try these for a little while and I had managed a few times to gain quite the bank roll. It is faster than either tournaments or sit n' goes to gain a sizable bank roll in the play format. Although, the relative ease at losing a good portion of my bank roll has me weary also.

"With high gains, comes high risk" I'm sure someone said.

High risk, indeed, I've been up 4x my deposit, just to have it taken from me just as easily. Also, as a personally preference, I enjoy a format that has a clear end. Cash games can go on forever, given your funds, and I have no sense of time when I'm focused. I remember the players from my poker league said something like,

"Anything can happen, the longer you play." or something identical to that.

Of course that was leaning on the positive side, but it holds an equal negative side. Take a good run through its course, it turns bad. Believe you, me

OK, so perhaps I'm still new and that's why this format is more preferable. For me, I find the Sit n' Go poker play most enjoyable. It has the format of a tournament and the chip scaling, too. But also has the one table feel of a cash game. Quick poker play with a clear end. I like that.

The rewards aren't as glamorous as the regular tournaments, but worth it since I can actually win these. I play the $1.00 + .10 tourneys and it pays out $4.50 for first prize. Which I see a lot more often than even placing in a regular tourney.

So there they are: my preferences and why, what about you? Which style is to your liking. :)

Til next time. Deuces!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hard Poker Year

Hey all, been a long year. Sorry I haven't been posting. Poker has taken a back set here lately; I just got a new position at a different dealership, so my time is kind of tight.

Although, I have been using Sealswithclubs semi-new mobile app to get a little poker in. Seals has grown into quite the poker community, last I was on over four hundred players were on. That's quite impressive coming from a mere 11 when I started on the poker a few years ago.

The app itself is relatively simple to use, though; I think the larger screen mobile users will find it even easier.

You can play on a side view like so:

Or turn your phone and play in an upright view ie:

Now, I personally only go on the site now-a-days for the 66 player free-rolls. Although, I'm seeing them less and less, which is discouraging. With Bitcoins going for, last I checked, around $350:1; I'm in no real hurry to buy-in at all. So, it is unfortunate, but I might say good-bye to Seals once and for all if the free-rolls cease to exist.

I haven't done my homework for this blog and I apologize for that. I just wanted to post some kind of content for you and I hope to be back at the poker some time in the near future more routinely.

That's it for me folks, Catch ya on the felt! Deuces!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bovada is letting me down...

The last few days the poker room I've been playing on, Bovada, has been giving me sign in issues. I've contacted the help support and the reply was pretty much,"We're working on it". In hindsight, though, I was down to my last $2, after a night of drunken poker. (Yea, I know. Tsk Tsk) So, I'm not too terribly upset, but at the same time; I'm left with no poker, unless I go back to playersonly.

 In fact, I'm trying to get on right this moment and it looks like it's stuck on processing. I guess we'll see what happens in the next few days.

It's been snowing here and so my poker league hasn't played my venue in the last two weeks. I'm hoping next week I can at least get some live play in. I'm definitely thinking about playing at one of the casinos in the local area otherwise, maybe for my birthday coming up. :)

I'm open to suggestions on poker rooms. If you have one that you like a lot and could recommend, I'll definitely take a stab at it, so to speak.

Well that's it for me guys and gals.



Monday, January 27, 2014

Bovada, good site...maybe.

Hello, been a little while.

Started playing poker again in the last month. Resort poker league (my free poker league), started a venue back up close to where I live, so I've been getting into some live games. Lately, I've been playing on the Bovada poker room. It's a little up and a little down, so far in the last week, but I see potential with it.

Bovada has a couple features I like, such as: Zone poker, plenty 1/2 dollar tournaments, and weekly 100k gtd poker tourneys.

Zone Poker:

Zone poker is essentially a cash game, with a minimum buy in of  $2.50 and the maximum is $5.00. The difference starts here. In this particular format, it's set up so you can fold your hand and instantly move to a different table to start a new hand. I would highly advise to pay attention to who is big or small blind, you can easily fold and give up your blind.

It's a fast paced game made for the impatient poker player.

1 and 2 Dollar Tournaments:

There is a trough of 1 and 2 dollar tournaments, that I've found easy to place in. However, you do still get the incredibly lucky donks that come with lower buy ins. Whereas playersonly, only had two or three a night, this site has several more. Including a $1 tournament to win a ticket (eventually) to the weekly Sunday 100k guaranteed tournament.

100k GTD Tournament:

This is something I'm really excited about, and is one of the main reasons why I think this room has some potentially for me.

In order to even get into the tournament you have to do 1 of 3 things :

1) Directly buy into the tournament which would cost $162.00

2) Enter into one of the qualifier tourneys:
  • $100k Special Qualifier 50 Seats GTD - $19.80
  • $100k Special Qualifier 10 Seats GTD - $19.80
  • $100k Semifinal (DS)                           - $38.50
  • $100k Semifinal (Rebuy)                      - $7.70
  • $100k Semifinal                                    -$17.00
3) Enter a satellite for the qualifier tourneys:
  • $100k Quarterfinal 1 seat GTD - $5.50
  • $100k Cheap Seats                 - $1.00
 I'm sure there are other ways, but these are the most relevant I can think of. Cheap Seats is absolutely the cheapest way to get to the $100k tourney. I've done it already in the last week, but didn't get to place in the $100k tourney itself. I place around 449th out of around 1280 people. I'll work on it.

We'll that's all from me for now, thanks guys!


Radio - Darius Rucker

Saturday, May 18, 2013

No time for free-rolls, Fun Steps it is!

Hey all,

Got home today, made some good old fashion frying pan steak with steamed red taters and baby carrots. (Nom nom nom) Fell victim to the boob tube watching a new show about zombie apocalypse preparation. I must have found it really interesting, haha!

So, time flew by and didn't realize how late it had gotten. That being said, no time for a free-roll tonight, as I have to open up the shop tomorrow pretty early, but I've played a handful of fun steps with an awful lot of donk players and its really got me into a bitter mood.

I mean who calls a 3xbb PFB with 74 off and out of position at that? Who I ask you!?

*Sigh* So I decided the best thing to do is to stop for the night, after five fun step 1's with no win - Yea, I'll pick it up tomorrow.

Dueces all, see you on the felt!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Poker Term of the Week!

three bet, three betting, 3-bet, 3bet
To be the first player to put in a 3rd unit of betting. For example, if Bob opens for $10, and Mary raises to make the bet $20, if Ted also raises to make the bet $30, this is to "three bet". (Before the flop, 3-betting means re-raising the first raiser.)
Image from google, Dialog from me :)

Bitcoins put on a hold, Back to Playersonly

Hey all, Since I heard the news of the government placing a seize warrant on Dwolla and mt.gov pretty much on a stand still, I've decided to put anything I'm doing with bitcoins on hold and putting all my time, as far as poker, into playersonly.

Now, I'm on playersonly with a clean slate working the freerolls and fun steps tourneys. I picked up a nice program called Hold'em Manager 2 and I'm utilizing their generous 30 day trial.

A little about Hold'em Manager 2

Before getting into what I've been doing on Playersonly; I thought I'd talk about this program a little more in depth.
Leak Buster
I've only been using the program a few days and so far the greatest thing I've found on the program is a sub program (addon I suppose) called Leak Buster. It analyzes your hand history based on position, pre-flop betting(PFB) along with an array of other variables to tell you where you have been making errors in your game play. This addon has its own 30 trial for those that have HM2 already.

Not only does it tell you what you're doing wrong, they also having professional poker trainer videos that have audio dialog & written instructions on when and where to do certain actions like: preflop betting, 3 and 4 betting, etc.

Overlay HUD
Another aspect I've found very useful is there Overlay HUD on the poker room client itself. After a few hands your opponents data is available and the program tracks your opponents (and your) actions hand-by-hand using the hand history chat and saves the data, allowing it to be used in other tournaments.

That being said you can track your opponent and potentially know if they're keen to 3 betting and if they're an a aggressive pre-flop better, along with many other things. Which is very useful if you keep seeing the same people over and over 

HUD Popups Stat Descriptions

Hand Tracking Graphs
I haven't really dabbled too much in modding the graphs; however, the program automatically defaults to graph all your tournaments, sngs and cash games separately based on net winnings. Micro to deep stacked tournament/sngs and doesn't account to tournaments and sngs that use ticket entry, so its a bit inaccurate and I haven't really used it much.

Alright, with playersonly I've been focusing on the Fun Step tournaments, which is located on the free play tournament tab. I've mentioned these before in a post years ago; I believe, and I will mention them again. Although, to avoid the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will link to previous post.

Placed in a Free-roll!!

I've also been playing in the free-rolls which have gone down to $50 from the $100 ones I remember. That's pretty much all I've been doing; I've been working on getting a bar tending job so I can work nights, so my game time has been only a few hours a week. Although I've been trying to play more since I am on the trial of HM2. I think my game play has really spiked up since I've been studying the Leak Buster videos. I've been doing a lot more pre-flop betting and I'm definitely seeing good results. Haven't won a fun step or free roll yet, but I'm getting close, so its eventually going happen.

Well that's it for me folks, See you on the felt!